Powerful Video Shows ‘Hero’ High School Coach Hugging and Disarming Student with Gun

In an effective second shot stuck CCTV digicam, an excessive college train in Oregon, US, skillfully disarmed a scholar with a shotgun and made positive no casualties occurred. In May, the incident happened while a scholar armed with a gun entered a study room at Parkrose High School in Portland. According to reviews, the pupil aimed to shoot himself. However, the short and compassionate considering the college’s football and music instructor, Keanon Lowe, prevented a capability tragedy. In the video, the student, Angel Granados-Diaz, may be visible taking walks in a hallway within the college with the gun in his hand. He observed Coach Lowe into a schoolroom, and inside, college students could immediately be seen strolling out of the class.

Initial reviews in May had said that the excessive school education had “tackled” the scholar to disarm him. However, these days launched, surveillance footage shows that the instructor did not address the armed student but hugged him and reasoned with him to drop the weapon. The video went viral on social media for all the proper reasons. Many on Twitter found that how Lowe handled the difficult scenario has to be a lesson in de-escalation for law enforcement officials and tactical response groups. The minute-length clip is a testament to the electricity of love and compassion. Some additionally felt that the situation ought to have performed loads more tragically had police officers been the primary ones to spot Granados-Diaz with a gun in preference to the teacher. Questions have also been raised on the US’s arguable gun-ownership legal guidelines.


At that point, I felt compassion for him,” CNN had said Lowe as saying, “A lot of times, particularly while you’re younger, you don’t realize what you’re doing till it’s over.” In keeping with the report, Granados-Diaz had spoken of suicide to different students earlier than the incident. Granadaoz-Diaz pleaded to be responsible for owning an illegal firearm. He has been sentenced to 3 years of probation. Internet Pats Florida Boy’s Back After He Releases His ‘Biggest Ever’ Fish Catch into Water. For those of you stricken by Monday morning blues, here’s a heartwarming video that certainly allows you to cheer you up.

The adorable anecdote between a boy and a fish will bring a grin to your face and brighten your day. In the video, you can still see Kemari Cooper, a young boy from Florida, freeing a fish returned into the water. The video was recorded via Kemari’s father, Velt Cooper, who later uploaded the clip on Youtube. Kemari, who went fishing with his dad, smiled as he fished the seven-pound bass with his naked hands. The seizure becomes his private nice. Moments after taking pictures of the clip, Kemari advised the fish, “I wish you pass back and be better,” and “Sooner or later, we are going to meet once more” As he puts it returned into the water and pats its born.

Since posting, the video has been considered extra than 34,000 times. The video turned into later shared via celebrities like Ava DuVernay and ‘The Hate U Give’ and ‘ON THE COME UP’ author Angie Thomas suggested to the Daily Mail. Angie took to the micro-blogging website and tweeted, ‘This is an e-book waiting to happen.’ Netizens were remarkably impressed by how Kemari displayed “the first-rate character.” They went directly to reward Kemari’s father for “elevating a fine young man with This child pulled a struggling fish ashore by using a hook through its lip, which is very painful for the fish, and then held it at the same time as it gasped for air for more than two minutes while his father filmed the sce According to the Daily Mail record, a person came up an opposite idea and wrote, ‘I disagree that this video is heartwarming.ne.’ According to the Daily Mail record, a person came up with the opposite idea and wrote, ‘I disagree that this video is heartwarming.

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