How to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer

I will share my experience as a graphic designer who has worked for over eight years. I will be talking about how I earn money as a graphic designer and what possible career options are for graphic designers. A graphic designer creates logos, ads, brochures, and websites.

But they often don’t make much money because their work is either done for free or not paid for. This is a big problem for anyone who wants to make extra money as a graphic designer. But you can earn money as a graphic designer and get your creative juices flowing in several ways.

Are you looking for ways to make money as a graphic designer? If so, this post has some great ideas for you. You can either charge for your services or try selling your artwork. Or, if you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of freelancing, you can start your design studio.

Graphic Designer

How to make money as a graphic designer

Graphic designers work for free, or nearly so. This is because they often create graphics that are either free or donated for free. As a graphic designer, you may create logos, flyers, advertisements, and other graphics for clients. But what if you could charge for your work? You can do this in several ways. The easiest is to blame for your services. For example, if you charge $30 per hour, you can put your rates on your website, bio, and resume. Another option is to sell your artwork.

For example, if you have a portfolio of your work, you can put it on Fiverr or Freelancer, two of the biggest freelance platforms. Finally, you can open up your design studio. This way, you don’t have to worry about clients, clients’ projects, and so on. Instead, you can focus on the tasks you love.

How to earn money as a freelance graphic designer

A graphic designer creates logos, ads, brochures, and websites. But they often don’t make much money because their work is either done for free or not paid for.

What are some good freelance design jobs?

As a graphic designer, you can make money by doing one of two things:

The charge for your services

You can offer your services to clients for a fixed fee. Clients typically pay for your time, but you can also make a higher rate when you include your expenses.

Sell your art

This is the most popular method for freelancers. You can sell your art directly to clients or post it on a marketplace like Etsy. There are a ton of different design jobs that you can choose from. Some of the best positions to do are:

Creating social media graphics

You can create images for your client’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. This is a great job because it doesn’t require much skill.

Creating infographics

Infographics are a lot like memes. They are short and snappy and can be used to communicate much information.

Creating logos

This is a classic, yet many designers still struggle with it. But it would help if you kept your rates high when making money.

Creating ebooks

Ebooks are a great way to share your expertise with others. If you’ve got an ebook you’re willing to share, consider charging for it.

Creating flyers

Flyers are another classic design job. When you’re creating a flyer, you should be thinking about how you can attract potential customers.

Creating presentations

This is another classic design job. You can use this job to teach your clients about a new concept, or you can use it to help them with a project.

Creating print ads

If you’re a visual designer, you’ll love creating print ads. You can use these jobs to help your clients promote their businesses or sell their products.

Creating ads

You should consider starting a business if you know how to create ads. Ads are a traditional way to make money.

Creating posters

You can create posters for businesses, from small companies to large corporations.

Graphic design for websites and print

Graphic design is a versatile skill you can apply to many projects.

Some designers specialize in the following:

– Logo design

– Brand identity and web design

– Print design

– Typography

– Stationery

– Ads

– Packaging

– Web banners and buttons

– Brochures and flyers

– Illustration

– Visual Merchandising

Graphic design

How to find a job as a graphic designer

You can use your existing skillset to find a job in graphic design, or you can start by learning how to do things like:

– Create a logo

– Design ads

– Develop a brand identity

Write copy

– Create print design

– Create web banners and buttons

– Create illustrations

– Create typography

– Develop stationery

– Design packaging

– Design websites

Frequently Asked Questions, Graphic Designer

Q: How did you go about getting a job in the field?

A: I started as a junior designer and became a graphic designer. I worked at an ad agency until I started freelancing on the side.

Q: How can someone get started as a graphic designer?

A: You must have the desire and the skills to succeed in this field. You have to be creative and enjoy coming up with new designs.

Q: What’s your job title, and what does your job entail?

A: My job title is graphic designer, and my job entails creating ads for a magazine, designing websites, writing press releases, and working with freelance clients.

Top Myths About Graphic Designers

1. You must be an artist to earn money as a graphic designer.

2. You must have been trained as a graphic designer to earn money as a graphic designer.

3. A graphic designer can earn a good living by working part-time.


I’m a graphic designer, and I enjoy doing it. I earn a full-time living doing it. So I understand how tough it can be to find a job in this industry. It’s pretty hard to break into the field as a beginner. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it’s not all that difficult. I also recommend learning Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. They’re the three main software packages used by graphic designers. You can know them all in a matter of weeks.

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