Teaching assistant, 43, groomed 15-year-old pupil and booked hotel room to spend night with him

The 43-year-old had bought new underwear and was “clearly anticipating a sexual encounter,” the Liverpool crown court heard. After she texted the pupil that she cared about him, he replied that he cared about her. “Does that mean you love me?” he asked.


Cheryl Mottram, prosecuting, added messages to the boy about beer and prosecco and asked why she had not arranged to meet the boy in the hotel bar rather than a bedroom. She replied, “OMG, I cannot stop thinking about you, but I know it is wrong. You do batter my head, so maybe.” Quizzed, she said, “That is when I realized the lines were getting blurred.”

Beattie-Milligan replied: “I wanted to stay and get away from everything and get a good night’s sleep if I’m honest.”But the boy showed another teacher the texts. The mum of two of Lydiate, Merseyside, said she had been helping the lad with anxiety issues. She was convicted of arranging to meet a child following sexual grooming and will be sentenced in September. You want to spread experience between your party members as much as possible (having them score killing blows in combat boosts them the fastest), but it helps to have an ace up your sleeve for tougher boss fights. Some elite enemies can slice through weaker party members with one ability, so bringing in a beefier unit along with the protagonist, Byleth is a good plan of attack.

Make them a focus for weekly class training exercises (you can read more about heavy armor, riding, and flying in our Fire Emblem: Three Houses class system guide), and start planning their future for those big three stats early. You can also feed them stat-boosting items as you acquire them through combat rewards or the greenhouse, and you can give them the latest gear in the shop. This strategy isn’t just self-serving: Other units can also piggyback off their high stats. By pairing underperforming students with someone who excels at an activity (denoted by an up arrow icon when selecting the action), you can raise their proficiency while ensuring a perfect rating. Use this to train up the rest of your party and help them ease into new roles. Students can focus on two goals simultaneously (such as a sword for swordsmanship or faith for healing magic). By default, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will automatically choose these focuses for you, but you can adjust them anytime through the pause menu in the Goals section.

Look ahead at advanced classes, and plan your goals around their requirements. If a lance user can eventually upgrade into a holy knight, you might want to drop your lance focus once it’s high enough (C or higher) and alter your goals to riding/faith (which requires A and B+, respectively). The earlier you send your units down the correct path, the sooner they can morph into an advanced class. Sometimes you might want to focus on one stat. In that case, choose custom goals; none for the first choice, and any stat you wish to for the second. You’ll get a 1.5x multiplier for your troubles.

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