Poetry Writing Topic Ideas For Students

Poetry is the finest expression of human creativity and power. It’s one of the most powerful forms of literature and also one of the most complex. Poets are celebrated for manipulating language to evoke emotion in readers, and poets have long been regarded as wise and eloquent orators, despite their status as a respected art form.

 Whether you’re just starting to write poetry or are a seasoned veteran, you need many topics. In this article, I’ll show you some great ideas for topics to write about.

 Writing poetry is a wonderful way to express yourself, and writing about different topics is a great way to hone your craft and improve your skills.

Have you ever thought about writing poetry? Not only is it a great creative outlet that helps build self-esteem, but there are also many general benefits from writing. Writing can help you develop empathy, it can improve your grammar and spelling skills, and it can also help you improve your vocabulary. You can also write about many topics, including emotions, feelings, relationships, spirituality, personal experiences, and more! Below are a few ideas of topic ideas for writing poetry. Feel free to use any or all of them.

Poetry Writing

Poetry writing topics for teenagers

Teenagers have the most interesting minds and opinions of all ages. Many subjects will interest your teen, such as poetry writing topics for teenagers.

For example, I have written about a wide range of topics, including,

  • the meaning of life
  • my personal experience with bullying
  • my relationship with my parents
  • how to cope with stress
  • how to handle being a teenager
  • how to deal with a difficult teacher
  • why I like writing poetry
  • my favorite poems
  • what makes me happy
  • my favorite music
  • my favorite books
  • my favorite movies
  • my favorite TV shows
  • my favorite sports
  • my favorite food
  • my favorite drink
  • my favorite holiday
  • my favorite color
  • my favorite animal
  • my favorite religion
  • my favorite superhero
  • my favorite day of the week
  • my favorite celebrity
  • my favorite holiday
  • my favorite pastime

Poetry writing topics for adults

Writing poetry is a great way to express yourself and sharpen your skills. There are tons of topics you can write about, and these include but are not limited to:

Poems written by famous poets

Lyrics written by favorite authors

Celebrated songwriters write lyrics

Famous musicians write lyrics

Famous actors write lyrics

Prominent politicians write lyrics

Famous athletes write lyrics

SongFavorite comedians write lyrics

Songs written by eminent philosophers

Prominent scientists write lyrics

Poetry writing topics for writers

While I’m a big fan of writing poetry, there’s nothing quite like writing about a topic you’re passionate about. This helps you understand the case and gives you something to write about.

When choosing a topic, look for one you’re genuinely interested in. You may be surprised by what you find!

Here are some great ideas for poetry writing topics that I’ve found helpful.

Poetry writing topics for poets

The chosen topics should inspire you and keep you coming back to write.

Here are some of the best poetry writing topics for students and new poets:

  1. The Power Of A Positive Attitude
  2. Love And Romance
  3. Nature And The Environment
  4. Your Thoughts
  5. The Art Of Listening
  6. Beauty
  7. Freedom
  8. Dreams
  9. Love And Relationships
  10. The Importance Of Being Happy
  11. Family And Friends
  12. Happiness
  13. Health
  14. Death And Dying
  15. Poetry And Literature
  16. Humor
  17. Life And Living
  18. Life Lessons
  19. Loneliness
  20. Faith And Religion
  21. Friendship
  22. Pain And Suffering
  23. Love And Loss
  24. Inspiration And Creativity
  25. The Journey Of Life
  26. Motherhood
  27. Art And Creativity
  28. Friendship
  29. The Heart And Soul
  30. Love And Romance
  31. Love And Passion
  32. The Joy Of Being
  33. The Beauty Of Life
  34. The Art Of Friendship
  35. Love And Relationships
  36. Poetry And Love
  37. Love And Romance
  38. Love And Relationships

Frequently asked questions about Poetry Writing

Q: How can we help our students with their poetry writing?

A: I have a few ideas. First, we need to encourage our students to express themselves positively. We can also teach them how to make their poems interesting by keeping them in an order they find easy to follow. I would also suggest having students write poetry with the same focus as any other assignment. Lastly, let students think outside the box when winging poetry. I don’t know what else to tell them.

Q: What are some of your favorite poems?

A: I love the poem “The Road Not Taken.” I think it is so powerful. I have also enjoyed reading poetry by Robert Frost.

Q: Who is your favorite poet?

A: I am not sure who my favorite poet is, but I love the work of Emily Dickinson.

 Top Myths About Poetry Writing 

  1. Poetry writing is not for children.
  2. Poems cannot be understood unless they are read aloud.
  3. Writing poems is hard work.
  4. Poems must rhyme.


When I was a student, I wrote poetry as a way to express myself. My goal was always to express my emotions without getting bogged down by technicalities.

The truth is, I’m not a fan of poetry writing anymore. I enjoy writing fiction and non-fiction articles but I still like reading poetry. I especially love the kind written by famous authors.

Poetry is a wonderful art form; if you feel the same way, you may find it a rewarding experience.

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