‘Fox & Friends’ Host Apparently Believes McDonald’s Workers Make Tips

Reacting to Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) calling for the federal minimum wage to be raised to $20 an hour, Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt insisted on Tuesday that minimum salary jobs have been supposed to give employees a beginning inside the group of workers earlier than falsely claiming that rapid-meals workers complement their incomes with recommendations.

Following the House of Representatives passing a bill remaining week that could boost the minimum salary from $7.25 to $15 in line with the hour, Tlaib said that because of the charge of products and offerings, the minimal proper wage must be “$18 to $20 an hour at this point.” She also blasted the federally mandated minimum wage for tipped people, currently set at $2—thirteen an hour.

Discussing Tlaib’s comments on Fox & Friends, co-host Steve Doocy seemed amazed approximately tipped employees’ wages, announcing he “did not realize” that their minimum wage became $2.Thirteen an hour before telling, Tlaib wants to increase it exponentially. He then used a presidential contender’s marketing campaign to make a point. “However, as we heard from Bernie Sanders within the remaining forty-eight hours or so,” Doocy stated. “He will start paying his employees $15 an hour, but he’ll reduce their hours again because they can not have the funds for it.”

Earhardt chimed in, maintaining that small businesses can’t manage to pay for minimum wage will increase before claiming they might engage in full-size firings in wages went up drastically. Doocy, meanwhile, highlighted Congressional Budget Office estimates that confirmed there has been a hazard that increasing the minimal salary should affect unemployment.


Co-host Brian Kilmeade then waxed nostalgic about his time as a busboy, pronouncing it became “one of the exceptional jobs” he should have broken in due to the fact “you work difficult” and “you get first-rate recommendations,” including that any paycheck you get at that factor is an advantage. He additionally had a few advice for the ones not earning sufficient from one process.

“If one job doesn’t pay sufficient, wager what you do, you get every other job,” he exclaimed. “That’s what you do in your twenties. Having component-time jobs while going to high school is something human beings have done for the reason that flip of the last century.” Earnhardt, meanwhile, piggybacked on Kilmeade’s observation at the same time as adding some questionable “data” of her personal.

“Minimum salary process isn’t always intended to be a profession—it’s intended that will help you get a begin,” she said. “We had been in excessive college or university once I was waiting tables. MThis is the career for most human beings at charming eating places. However, they make tons of cash.”

She endured: “If you’re running at McDonald’s or a small little eating place where you make pointers, you’re proper. If you’re first-rate to the people, you are making various cash.” Workers at McDonald’s or other similar fast-food eating places generally don’t make tips. This isn’t the primary time Earnhardt has made an embarrassing on-air gaffe. Last summer, she defended America’s greatness by announcing the US “defeated communist Japan” in World War II.

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